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When you need your vehicle shipped as soon as possible, you need an auto transport company that specializes in expedited service.

Expedited auto transports encompass both deliveries that need to be done quickly, and those that need to be delivered on a specific date. Both will cost you extra. If you need quick service, you’re probably in a hurry. But it’s still important to do your research and get the best, expedited delivery available at the lowest cost.

Business Credentials

Before you choose an auto transport service, you should always check on their business practices. Make sure they are licensed to provide the type of service you are requesting. You should also check that they carry an insurance policy that covers any damage to your car. If you do not think their insurance policy is sufficient, you might ask them about the possibility of purchasing a special insurance rider. Or, you can check with your own auto insurance to see if your car is covered under your existing policy for vehicle shipping.

Customer Service

If their business credentials check out, then you should research their reputation with other customers. With today’s digital technology, this is easier than ever. Just type in a company’s name into your computer search engine and see what pops up. Look for customer reviews, both positive and negative, to make your own assessment. You should especially check for any comments about on-time delivery. If you are paying extra for quick delivery, you need to feel confident that your shipping company will actually do as they say.


If a company has both solid businesses credentials, and a good customer service reputation, it’s time to look at price. As with most purchases, you should never settle for the first quote you receive. Do some comparison shopping to make sure you get the best price possible. If your vehicle will be traveling on major transportation routes, you should be able to get plenty of competing quotes. To make your choice, factor in the information you’ve collected about their business practices, their reputation, and their price.

Let Help

If all of this sounds like a lot of work-after all, you’re in a hurry, right?–than turn to for help. Complete our Free Shipping Quote form, and we’ll do the work for you. We’ll locate auto transport companies in your area that offer expedited service, and provide you with our recommendations. You are never under any obligation to buy.

Moving a vehicle can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Do your research and be sure that your shipping company can handle your requests. Start with and the rest is easy.