Where Is Everyone Moving?

It may not come as much of a surprise to you, but in the year 2011 moving rose about 7 percent. The economy has a lot to do with all of this. People are losing their jobs, or they are being forced to move to keep their jobs. Others are downsizing, and trying to make the best of a bad situation. Moving companies are very happy with all of these numbers, and they are happy to profit from all of this, but some people are wondering where everyone is choosing to move. Keep reading to find out more.

Up North

People were busy last year moving in the Northern states, but they were busy moving away from the North. Maybe they just got sick of the cold weather, and decided to seek out warmth and humidity in the Southern states.

There were more people leaving Virginia, Connecticut, and Massachusetts than any other state in the North. What could be causing so many people to leave these beautiful states. Our guess is the economy. While these states may not have the highest cost of living, it could be that they faced record unemployment. People want a change, and they are taking it anywhere they can find it, even if it means that they have to move to get it.

In the South

People do everything differently in the South. More people left the wonderful state of Louisiana in 2011. The steady flow of hurricanes and then the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster have been the cause of most of these moves. It looks like more people have packed their bags and headed for the big state of Texas. Texas has a lot to offer people and its size could be the number one reason more people decided to move there. The hot plains of New Mexico, and the Mountains of North Carolina come in a close second for states that had a lot of people moving into them on 2011.

What about the states in the Midwest?

It seems like everyone has decided that Midwest life was not that good. There were a lot of people that moved away from the Midwest in 2011. The rest of the states in the Midwest are balanced. They have the same amount of people leaving and the same amount of people moving in.

How about the West Coast?

Last, but definitely not least is the West Coast. Everything is a little different on the West Coast. It seems that most of the states on the West Coast are properly balanced. They have the same amount of people moving in as the same amount of people moving out. The higher cost of living in some of the western states make the West Coast a difficult move for most people.

If this were a contest, it looks like the South would win hands down. There were more people that moved to the Southern states in 2011 than any other place in the country.