What Do You Do If Your Vehicle Shipment Is Delayed?

What is considered to be a reasonable delivery time when it comes to auto shipping. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has some guidelines. The word reasonable is used quite a bit by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration when it refers to the amount of time that is acceptable. The bad thing about that is the fact that the word reasonable is a relative term. What is reasonable to one person may not be reasonable to another. It creates a gray area that a lot of people are uncomfortable with.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has given this reasonable amount of time a name. It is called, “reasonable dispatch service.” This does not affect shipments that are shipped with guaranteed delivery dates.

What Happens if There is a Substantial Delay in The Shipment Process

The company that is responsible for shipping your automobile, or transporting your personal belongings must notify you of the delay. The method of notification varies and it must be taken care of at the shipping companies expense. The company that is doing the shipping has the right to choose how they want to notify you about the delay in shipping using any of these methods. They may contact you by phone, fax, email, certified mail, or overnight courier. If they have chosen to notify you via certified mail, the mail must be sent with a return receipt requested. If the moving company fails to notify you of any of these delays, you may not have to pay the full price of your shipment.

When the moving company does notify you of the delay, they must also notify you of the dates that they expect to deliver your automobile or personal belongings.

In the unlikely event that there is a delay, the moving company must also supply you with a written record of the date change. They must also keep this record for a period of up to one year. When you request a copy of the notification, the moving company must supply you with a copy by either first class mail, or in person.

One of the problems that stems from delayed deliveries is this. Most people have created time in their busy schedules to pickup or receive their goods. When they delivery fails to fall within this allotted time space, you must make new plans to receive the goods. Now you will have to make new plans to be available for the delivery of the shipment. This can be a big inconvenience for many people because now the delivery company can decide when the items should be delivered, and it is your responsibility to be there to accept the delivery of your vehicle or personal belongings. If you are not available for the new delivery times, then the shipping company can place your goods in storage at your expense. This is never a good sign. If the new delivery date conflicts with your schedule, most car shipping companies will make considerations for your time.