Preparing Your Car

Preparing Your Car For Auto Shipping


Shipping your car is as easy as shipping a Christmas present to a relative, but there are some things that you will need to do before the auto shipping company picks up your vehicle. At, we have come up with this handy prep list to make sure that your car is ready when the auto shipping company comes to pick it up.

Fix any Leaks

If your car has even the smallest type of leak, you will need to get it repaired before you can have it shipped. When the auto shipping company loads your car onto one of their car haulers, it can’t be leaking any fluids on any of the other cars that will be riding with yours. Any leaks must be fixed. While you have your car at the shop, have the mechanic go over everything and give your vehicle a clean bill of health.

Time to Clean your Car

The next step in prepping your car for the auto shipper is to thoroughly clean it. Start on the outside first, and give your car a nice bath. Make sure that you pay attention to any nicks or scratches. Once your car is shiny and clean move on to the next step.

Takes Some Pictures

Just about everyone has a camera in their pockets these days. If your car has any nicks, dings or scratches, take some pictures of them. The more you document your vehicle, the better. If your car is in mint condition you should still take some pictures too.

Remove any Exterior Accessories

After you finish your photo shoot, make sure that you remove any exterior accessories from your vehicle. If your car has an antennae, make sure that you retract it as well.

Time to Move to The Interior

You should also give the interior a nice good cleaning. Once you are done cleaning, it is time to remove all of your loose personal items from the interior of the vehicle. If you leave anything inside your car, the auto shipping company will not be held liable for anything that happens to them.

Start with your glove compartment. Remove all of your paperwork, or anything that really matters that you have stashed away inside the glove compartment. Check and double check the center console. Remove all of your change that you have been collecting, and any type of audio media that you may have as well. If you have anything hanging from the rear view mirror, you should remove it as well. If your car stereo system is removable, then remove it too. You want your car to be empty when the auto shipping company comes by the pick it up.

One Last Check

Your car should be ready to be shipped, but do one last check just to make sure. Go over your vehicle with a fine toothed comb. Did you clean it? Did you remove all external accessories? Did you remove all your personal items from the interior? Did you fix any leaks and document your vehicle with photos?

Making sure that all of these things are done before the auto shipping company arrives will prevent any type of delays. At, we want your car shipping experience to be a good one, and that is why we offer you the best deals and tips on car shipping services.